Podcasts & Specials

1. Friend Or Foe?

From our friends at the BBC. An investigation into one of the most infamous friendly fire incidents in the Iraq war. Journalist Audrey Gillan was on the ground with young soldiers in Iraq and teams up with Dan Maudsley to investigate.


The young soldiers are excited to head to Iraq but dubious about taking a woman reporter.

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2. Can You Handle It? 

Audrey Nervously accepts he plum reporting job and soon faces the realities of war.


3. The Day Everything Changed 

D Squadron meets enemy resistance. But the deadliest challenge comes from their own side.


4. A Cowboy Out On A Jolly 

Was the US pilot who fired on them ‘a cowboy on a jolly’? They relive the darkest day


5. Get Him. Get Him. 

US pilot Gus Kohntopp fired the deadly shots but should his commander take more blame?


6. Lightening Three Four 

They meet the only US Serviceman in the ‘friendly fire’ incident ever to speak publicly.


7. Survivor’s Guilt 

The soldier who comforted Audrey under attack shares his struggle to deal with the war.


8. Friction In The Air 

Could friction between the two pilots have contributed to their fatal error?


9. The Fog Of War 

Audrey and the men reflect on the impact of their time on the ground in Iraq.