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Tim Miller

Its 40 years since The Falkland Islands were invaded by Argentina and then liberated by British Forces. Join Gini Carlin as she speaks to those people that call the Islands home, and witnessed the conflict first hand.”


In 1982 Tim Miller was a young man living at a settlement on the West Falklands, one morning the RAF paid a visit, but it certainly wasn’t for a cuppa…

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Trudi McPhee 

In 1982 Trudi McPhee was 29 years old and when the Argentines invaded, Trudi decided she was having none of it…


Ailsa Heathman 

Ailsa and her husband live in a settlement called Estancia, during the conflict it was home to 3 Para, Marines and the Blues and royals, it was also visited by cold, wet and hungry Argentine conscripts.


Ray Evans 

Ray lived on Pebble Island, Strategic to the Argentines it was occupied by enemy soldiers and all the Island dwellers were taken hostage and made to live in a house together... then the SAS arrived!


Patrick Watts 

Broadcasting Officer at the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service, Patrick was on air the night of the invasion, he stayed all night putting the Governor Rex Hunt on air via the telephone, then the Argentines came through the studio door