Inside The Glasshouse - Shattering The Myths


Built on what had once been Prisoner of War Camp No 186, the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) provides training for those servicemen and women sentenced to a period of detention. 

Much myth, rumour and speculation exist about the centre and what happens inside its confines. Forces Radio BFBS' Liz Mullen was given unique access to the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester to record a special programme inside the facility. 

“We are told that the MCTC is not a prison, but if not, what is it?” asked Liz. 

“Many of us have fixed ideas about what life is like behind the wire, but having the chance meet staff and offenders was a real eye-opener. I think people will be in for a few surprises.” 

Liz explores the differences between ‘A Company’, for those due to return to service, and ‘D Company’, for offenders facing discharge and life in Civvy Street, and discovers how soldiers, sailors and airmen are retrained and prepared for life after release.

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