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Tracking Santa with the Mavgeeks

Calling all AvGeeks! Join Gini and Alex as they get completely obsessed with military aircraft. They talk to the pilots, air crew and ground crew who flew them, fixed them, loved them and sometimes even hated them.


Our Mavgeeks bring you a very special festive episode, as they track the World’s greatest aviator with NORAD and RAF Fylingdales. Join Gini and Alex as they find out about the F-18 escort that Santa gets over North America, How the heat signature of a ballistic missile is the same heat signature that’s in Rudolph’s nose and just how the big man uses OSA (Official Santa Act) technology to get across the globe. So grab a mince pie, a glass of cheer and wrap yourself up in gawdy 1980s foil decorations as the Mavgeeks Track Santa.

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This is an original podcast series from BFBS. 

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill

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The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod - Looked like a comet, would make you vomit 

This week our Mavgeeks are taking it right back to the old school, speaking to Flight Lieutenant Andy Bell of 70 Sqn at RAF Brize Norton about his time on arguably the RAF’s most well-known Maritime patrol aircraft, The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod. The Mavgeeks hear how it was developed from the world’s first commercial jet airliner, the need for a cast iron stomach when the Nimrod was low level cresting the waves, and just casually popping a window open to take a selfie mid-flight- no filter needed


Around the World in 80 planes with Noel Phillips 

Our MavGeeks are out of aviation hibernation and ready to be “navgeeked” as aviation and travel vlogger Noel Phillips joins Gini and Alex to kick off series two. Noel spills the beans about landing on the side of a mountain, travelling in a 40 year old Russian airliner around the Soviet block and recreating the Dambusters iconic practice flight over a Derbyshire dam. 

SPOILER ALERT: There’s even talk of train spotting, or as we like to call it.. travgeeks. 


I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts 

Our Mavgeeks get all Scooby Doo on this Halloween Special episode. Gini is trying not to go full Derek Acorah and Alex is geeking out about the King of Bahrain's 747... does it have a gold toilet? Hear a different kind of MavGeeks this week as our intrepid twosome share spooky stories of ghostly flight deck crew, weird goings on at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum and someone at RAF Cottesmore pranking someone about a ghost... only to get trolled by said ghost... confused? You will be... Happy Halloween


Did someone order the Warbird Special? 

It's the final MavGeeks for this season and there's a definite "End of summer camp" vibe going on. Alex is taking selfies, crying into a hankie and promising to keep in touch with everyone, while Gini is handing out homemade wristbands to make sure we are all MavGeeks friends forever. 

Gini and Alex take a look back at some special aircraft from this summer’s Duxford Airshow, including the Catalina Flying Boat (Say whaaat!) the B-17 Flying Fortress (swoon) with a nod to the fantastic Tiger Moth (taking it back to the old school). Gini speaks with owners and pilots of these fabulous aircraft, and manages not to annoy them too much or get herself arrested… try harder next time Mavgirl! 

It may be this season’s final episode, but our Mavs are back with a Halloween Special and more obsessing over Military aircraft up to Christmas. Please don't judge them, they didn't choose the Mavlife, the Mavlife chose them. 

This is an original podcast series from BFBS.  

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill 

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Lockheed Martin C130 Hercules: A truly heavenly Body 

Our MavGeeks have a truly spiritual experience this week as they speak to Our Sacred Lady of the Fat Albert, Reverend (Sqn Ldr) Alice McDermott – Pilot turned Padre -about her time flying the venerable C130 Hercules. 

Alex brings up a less than sanctified topic about praying to the Lockheed Martin gods down the big white telephone after a few bumpy trips down route, Gini comes to the confessional to admit she has also come close to offering up those prayers after a few spins around the Rock of Gibraltar in the back of the venerated Lockheed Lady; three Hail Hercules and a stiff cup of tea and peace is restored. 

Join our Mavs and the divine Rev Alice, as they chat through making bacon and eggs mid-flight, the J or the K, delivering tubes of pringles to warzones and meeting “Ally McMeal”. 

For what you are about to receive, may the Loadies/Lockheed Martin make us truly thankful… 

This is an original podcast series from BFBS.  

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill 

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Blackburn Buccaneer: The Aircraft you Drew as a Kid 

This episode we go far back in time to a cold war era aircraft that looks crazy but flew amazingly. We hear about the aircraft that could fly low, fold its wings, land on ships, and carried the ultimate weapon. Group Captain (Retired) Chaz Kennett shares his stories of riding backseat of the mighty Blackburn Buccaneer. Gini and Alex also share their love of air shows, and stories from some of their favourites, including Duxford and The Royal International Air Tattoo.  

This is an original podcast series from BFBS.  

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill 

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The Panavia Tornado: Tonka Tales with Vasco 

After having a sit down, big mug of tea and at least six hours on an aircraft tracking app to calm down, our MavGeeks wave goodbye to DSEI and get back to the past. This episode they're over the top excited about the Tornado and speak to their old chum Wing Commander Greg "Vasco" Smith, who spent many an hour in the back seat. They're also geeking out about the runway at RAF Gibraltar and generally showing why they shouldn't be allowed out in polite company… apart from with other Mav and Av geeks. 

This is an original podcast series from BFBS.  

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill 

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Back to the Future 

Gini and Alex hit an all-time MavGeek level 10 this week at the DSEI exhibition. Gini's still trying to work out how you can fly things that haven’t been invented yet and Alex is disappointed there was no flux capacitor. They chat with Wing Commander Col Welsh from Project Tempest and Group Captain Shaun Gee all about Protector. Join them as they get their tiny minds well and truly blown... 

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This is an original podcast series from BFBS.  

Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill


Lockheed Tristar: The Big White Party Bus 

Gini’s been seeing planes in her sleep and Alex has been showing off to his mates about his transponder knowledge.  

Dick Lawtey from Airtanker pops by to properly fanboy the Lockheed L1011 Tristar from his 216 Sqn days at RAF Brize Norton and takes us down “Penny Lane” on the big white party bus. Some MavGeeks believe this was the inspiration for the Vengaboys biggest hit.  

Will they Kemble it or keep it? As its Gini’s favourite widebody- Alex needs to think very carefully and be very afraid… 

This is an original podcast series from BFBS. Written, presented and produced by Gini Carlin and Alex Gill


Introducing MAVGEEKS: A Military Aircraft Obsession 

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for take-off as self-confessed aviation nerds Gini and Alex get completely obsessed with their favourite military aircraft. From Tristars to Tornadoes, VC10s to Buccaneers, they share their passion for planes and geek out on the week’s aviation news. We hope you enjoy this in-flight entertainment!  

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